Case Study Brenda

‘Glenn provides a very friendly and professional service. I am not keen on being photographed, but Glenn took his time to make sure that I was relaxed and comfortable…’

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Councilor, Brenda Dacres is planning a campaign for mid 2017. With an introduction by her Labor peers, Brenda commissioned Colloquial Collective to produce a series of portraits across the London Borough of Lewisham. The images will support Brenda’s marketing and communications and will appear on-line and in print based materials.

‘…He has a great eye for framing his photos which produced great results. The effort he puts into the post production of the photographs produced amazing quality…’

Brenda signed up for the Personal Portraits bundle and multiplied the challenge by requesting to be photographed within 17 locations. All locations were based outside buildings ranging from: emergency services, housing, education, transport and leisure. The greatest challenge had been to cover each location during unpredictable weather situations, daylight constraints and working around Brenda’s very busy schedule.

 ‘… I am extremely happy with my photographs and now have a fantastic portfolio’. Brenda

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