Memorial Planter on St. Donatts Road

There has been much fly tipping activity in Lewisham. Living and working in New Cross, a place of mixed transient students, social housing tenants and home owners, have all suffered from the messy left overs of other people’s domestic waste. There have been some discussions between various community groups, such as painting eyes on walls and images of babies, which is believed to deter the culprits.


On St Donatts Road, some years ago, a local fly tipping spot had been transformed into a planter, made of cedar and brick. Since that time, the reduction of rubbish dumping has been as high as 98%. Residents feel that this issue has been moved to the other end of the street, so as residents, we have come together to design a planter that will also be a memorial for the houses that once stood on the ground of the dumping. We believe that some of the neighbours were killed during World War II bombing raids. We feel this is a fitting thing for the street to do, in memory of those who once shared the street.

It is often said that people of London are cold, that we don’t know our neighbours. Doing something like this as a community, will only bond local-togetherness, looking out for one another and making our part of this amazing capital as wonderful an experience as possible.

Visit Henri’s website, one of our amazing neighbours who took the time to create the idea and suggest it being a memorial to some of our past residents.

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