Summer of Love 50th

A DIY self-catering SUMMER OF LOVE 50th Anniversary in London.

Our big day at the Stone Circle in Hilly Fields Park had been a great success.

A newsletter will follow shortly.

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The 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love is an unmissible cultural and community event and it’s taking place in San Francisco right now. Colloquial Collective will help the people of London play out the celebrations.

Join us as the sunshine will be our spotlight and the park our stage as we all unite to share music, performance, magic, poetry and storytelling. Everyone is welcome to celebrate our very own Summer of Love fifty years after the original San Francisco gathering of free spirits.

“ Will somebody wear me to the fair?

Will a lady pin me in her hair?

Will a child find me by a stream?

Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream ”.

Minnie Riperton’s Les Fleur was a musical piece that was inspired by the Flower Power movement.

Bring family, friends, sun cream (let’s hope it’s needed), a picnic, music, performance, colourful attire and, or course, flowers in your hair in this Do It Yourself festival.



We are over joyed to announce the support of Brockley Society and Brockley Max, two very prominent connecting-with-community and not-for-profit organisations. They will help make the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in London festival an exceptionally special experience for the Londoner and our guests.